Game On!

The Dream Box

November 2007. My first time at Lucca Comics&Games. My ten-year-obsession for Japanese manga had brought me there. Then I could not imagine I would go back two, three… ten more times. Every single year. And with a different aim indeed.

It was in that precise moment that board games knocked at the door of my life. I mean, modern board games. I had already left Journey Through Europe, Risk, Hotels, Fireball Island and Heroquest in the previous millennium. If I had known how successful they still are today, I would have taken better care of them. Oh, well.

These past 11 years have flown by. From Carcassonne to Settlers of Catan. From Ticket to Ride to Dominion through Citadels and Puerto Rico. And Seasons, The Voyages of Marco Polo and Grand Austria Hotel. Splendor. Great Western Trail. Round House. And 50 more… 100… until… There’s no end. There can’t be.


Because when playing board games becomes a philosophy of life, a a way to face everyday challenges and stand your ground, you can’t do much other than imprint it on your skin, and your heart. That’s how I keep on going. It’s my turn to play. Game on!

Everything you’ll find in this blog is the result of PERSONAL considerations, of my game experiences and those of my close friends. It doesn’t want to be an absolute truth. It’s just my way of living this hobby, understanding rule books and having fun. Therefore, it should be taken exactly for what it is: the unpretentious point of view of a game addict who still believes that dreams can appear in the shape of a box.